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Agricgate seeks to offer practical virtual agriculture training to African youth; with an E-commerce platform to sell products created through the farms' set-up. This is to help equip and excite the interest of Africans in farming and at the same time resourcing trainees to be able to start their farm and or be groomed into farm managers.

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Virtual Online

To build a virtual online training platform that will offer training to youths in the African region

Practical Training

To offer online practical training to African youths to stir their interest in farming

Yearly Resource

To resource yearly 500 youths to be able to start their own farms


To connect 2,000 youths yearly to farms through internships leading to employment

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We provide an e-learning platform to hone your craft and adopt new skills.


We provide a platform to link your products and produces directly to customers online therefore increasing your revenue generation.

Financial Tools

We provide you with the power of financial management to be able to take inform decisions.

Community Forum

We encourage collaboration through our community forum where customers get solutions to their problems through peer-to-peer interactions.

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"Discovering Agricgate has been a game-changer for me. As a teacher passionate about sustainable living, the courses on this platform have equipped me with invaluable knowledge on sustainable farming practices. The content is well-structured, engaging, and easy to understand, making learning a joy. I've implemented several techniques in my small garden, and I'm seeing remarkable results. Agricgate is a treasure trove of agricultural wisdom."

Abigail, 32, Trained Teacher

"Agricgate has opened a new world of opportunities for me. Initially, my knowledge of farming was minimal, but thanks to Agricgate, I've learned so much about catfish farming and greenhouse management. The practical tips and hands-on approaches shared through the courses are directly applicable, and I'm currently setting up my own small-scale farm. This platform is a must-visit for anyone looking to diversify their skills."

Mohammed, 29, Welding Technician

"As a university student studying environmental science, Agricgate has been an invaluable resource for my studies and personal interest in agriculture. The platform's courses on organic farming and pest management have not only supplemented my academic knowledge but also inspired me to start a community garden project. The depth of content and the ease of access make Agricgate an exceptional learning tool."

Yeboah, 31, University Student

"Exploring Agricgate has been an enlightening experience. As a videographer with a keen interest in documenting sustainable farming practices, the platform provided me with the foundational knowledge needed to understand the subjects of my documentaries better. The variety of courses available, coupled with the expertise of the instructors, has enriched my content, allowing me to share more informed and compelling stories."

Selasie, 24, Videographer

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